Martin Greer's Candies

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Martin Greer's Candies

photo of Martin Greer spreading fudge on a marble table

Located in the Ozark Mountains, between Rogers, Arkansas and Eureka Springs on highway 62 is where the world famous Martin Greer's Candies are lovingly made in the old world tradition.

The candy factory is located near the “Gateway to the Ozarks”, where many travel to visit the famous and colorful Ozark Mountains, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a popular romantic city built on the side of the mountains.

When I was a little baby, my mother and dad laid me on a stick candy table. As a young boy I learned daily from my father how to make his delicious candies. He told me to always start with the finest and freshest ingredients I could buy, and then follow the recipes faithfully.

The recipes I use came from a book published in 1897. Dad also told me to take care of my customers and they would take care of me. Now I am teaching my son, Uriah, in the same way Dad taught me.

Eight pound heart box
Our eight pound heart
box will make a real hit
with your sweetheart

Our candies are made fresh with real chocolate, sweet cream butter, dry roasted nuts, also pure fruit purees or preserves, pure vanilla flavorings, and with no added preservatives.

Once you have tasted our candies you will appreciate the difference.

Martin, Jeanette and Uriah Greer


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Martin Greer's Candies
P.O. Box 127
Gateway, Arkansas · 72733

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